To:      Burnele Powell, Dean


From: Roy Stuckey and Timothy Clardy, Co-chairs, Student-Faculty Task Force


Re:     Building Security


Date: February 9, 2005


            At its meeting on Thursday, February 3rd, the Student-Faculty Task Force asked us to communicate the following requests to you. These recommendations were developed with the assistance of the USC police, Dean Hinckley, Dean Rollins, and Business Manager Kathy David.


1.         Please move as quickly as possible to improve security in the Law School


            Improving security in the Law School is long overdue. As you are well aware,

recent events demonstrate that our current security measures are inadequate. Coin and and vending machines in the canteen have been broken into several times.  Locks have been cut off of students' lockers, and property has been taken from them. There is an ongoing problem of thefts in the library, and students describe some of the members of the public who show up in the library late at night as "sketchy." Students cannot safely leave laptop computers or other personal belongings behind to go to the bathroom. Some students refuse to come into the building after dark.


            It is understandable if you feel reluctant to put more money into our aging structure. Any good steward of our funds should have such reluctance. It will be at least four years, however, before the new law building is completed. If a student or staff member is injured during the interim because we fail to improve security as quickly as possible, we will all be shamed by our shortcoming. The amount of money at issue is not so great that it warrants maintaining the status quo.


            This problem is not of your making, but it falls to you to select the best solutions and to ensure that they are put in place expeditiously.


Powell/Security memo

February 9, 2005

page two


2.         Please consider the following suggestions for improving security


            A.        Hire a security guard to patrol the building at night and on weekends. Make all students, faculty, and staff aware of how to contact the guard.


            B.        Install operational video cameras at key locations and record activities at those locations. This would include the canteen, hallways where student lockers are located, all entrances and exits to the library, the lobby (especially to discourage theft of the plasma TV), and any other locations suggested by USC police. Post signs saying those areas are under video surveillance.


            C.        Install fake video cameras in other locations where privacy interests of students, staff, and faculty may be an issue, e.g., around the carrels in the library and in the faculty office hallways. Post signs saying those areas are under video surveillance. Students, faculty, and staff would know these were not operational cameras, but the people we are worried about would not know.


            D.        Improve the exterior security of the building by locking all entrances except the Green Street lobby entrance at 6:00 p.m. during the week and all weekend long. Discourage our students from blocking doors open by installing delayed alarms on some doors, e.g., the door near the auditorium that students exit to go to Moe's and Stuffy's.


            E.        Improve security in the canteen by locking the door to the canteen at 6:00 p.m. and by installing devices to make it more difficult to vandalize the machines in the canteen.


            F.         Implement Dean Hinckley's plan to drill holes for laptop computer security cables in all locations in the library where students might want to use a laptop computer. Inform all students and newly admitted students of the desirability of purchasing laptop computer security cables. Also make sure all students are aware of the availability of inexpensive computer theft insurance, and the possibility that stolen computers may be covered by their renter's insurance or their parent's homeowners' insurance.


Powell/Security memo

February 9, 2005

page three


            G.        Investigate the feasibility/desirability of closing the Law Library to members of the public earlier than midnight, say 6:00 or 7:00 p.m.


H.        Join the SBA in educating students, faculty, and staff about the potential risks of criminal activity in the building and what they can do to help improve security and reduce risks to themselves and their property.


          I.        Join the SBA in communicating our outrage to the Provost, President, Board of Trustees, legislators, and the Budget and Control Board about the inadequacy of funding for security throughout the campus.


3.       If you cannot implement all of the security measures mentioned above in the near future, the Student-Faculty Task Force urges you to take the following steps as soon as possible as a minimum initial effort:


1.  Install a security camera at the main library entrance.


2.  Install real (or fake) cameras at all other library entrances/exits.


3.  Hire a security guard to patrol the building at nights and on weekends.


4.  Lock the student canteen after regular business hours.


5.  Drill holes in library carrels such that students can attach laptop security cables.


6.  Re-emphasize with campus police to lock up our building properly every night.


7.  Send a notice to students making them aware of recent vandalism and thefts, and notify students what is being done to correct the security problems.


          If we or the other members of the Student-Faculty Task Force can be of any assistance in refining or implementing your plans for improving security at the School of Law, we will be happy to help.



cc:     Student-Faculty Task Force, Ms. David,          Dean Hinckley, Dean Rollins, and Dean Lacy