We all fill out those faculty evaluations at the end of each class every year.  We all bubble in answer after answer but do we get access to the results as we make our class selections for the next year?  NO.  Because of University regulations we won't be able to see those anytime soon, but as President I will create an avenue for interested students to complete evaluations that everyone will have access to on the SBA TWEN site.

I have been in contact with Dean Hinckley and Jim Epting, the wireless network will be updated and replaced this summer.  Plans are in the works to make it much more effective, but as President I will continue to pressure the administration to ensure we maintain great wireless support once the new equipment is installed.

We are about to enter into a very good year financially regarding student activity fee funding.  As Chairman of the Student Government Finance Committee, I led the way to increased funding for not only the law school, but also for our friends in the Pharmacy and Medical School programs.  This year Law School organizations will receive funding that is $4000.00 more than any year in the history of the school.  I led the committee in allocating funds to the undergraduate organizations, and in a few weeks, I will be leading the process to allocate the more than $28,000.00 allotment amongst our 14 funded groups.  (If you are the President or Treasurer of a law organization click here for the guide to Spring Allocations) I have assisted our organizations to receive additional money in Special Projects funding and in approving Budget Transfer requests.  I have worked to clean up the finance codes and guided eight Bills through Senate.  As President, I will work to solidify the fantastic results of this year and ensure that we receive the same, or better, benefits for years to come.

Tuition has gone up steadily over the last several years, and especially at the Law School, we have been feeling the burn.  While the condition of the State's budget makes it unrealistic to expect lower tuition, I firmly believe that it is realistic to lobby the legislature to agree not to cut funding further to higher education.  I am currently a part of two important groups that will prove to be valuable resources to fight higher tuition, the SC State Students Association and the Carolina Action Network.  I am a founding member of the new SCSSA, a statewide student run lobbying group with representatives from nearly every publicly funded school in the state.  The Carolina Action Network is USC's own lobbying group, they track legislation relating to higher education and organize the University's own efforts.  As President I will utilize the resources of  these two important groups to organize effective lobbying for the Law School

With the recent vandalism in the Student Lounge (and all over the rest of the campus) safety has become a big issue.  It hit especially close to home when the change machine that I worked so hard to get Student Government to pay for, was broken into and will now have to be repaired.  I want all of the students in the law school to know that changes have been and will continue to be made to make our little community safer.  I have personally talked with Major Eric Grabski and Major Chris Wuchenich at USCPD and have gotten them to implement walk-throughs of the building each night when they lock up, this is in addition to the nightly perimeter checks which I requested last year.  I have presented our problems to the University Safety Committee to make them aware of our problem and seek their assistance.  Through the Student-Faculty Taskforce, I was involved in forming the committee's recomendation to Dean Powell about what our response to the problem should be.  Some changes have already taken effect, such as the USCPD walkthroughs and locking the Student Lounge after regular business hours, and I am excited about the new changes that are on the way.

Additionally, I was responsible for creating a permanent spot for a member of the Professional Schools (Law, Med., Pharmacy) to serve on the University Safety Committee and represent our special concerns in the future.  I have carried on a postive working relationship with Derrick Huggins, the Director of Parking, and he has been eager to work with us to improve our parking problem through means such as creating a new shuttle route.  I will take this a step further in the coming year and lobby to get the night shuttle to stop at the law school to take students safely down to their cars.

Safety isn't just about guarding against theft, I worked to gain the endorsement of Derrick Huggins and the University Safety Committee to urge the City of Columbia to place a new crosswalk at the heavily traveled area between the Pit and the stairs to the Coliseum.  Expect to see this crosswalk shortly after construction is completed on Park Street.

Better food service was one of my more popular campaign issues last year.  I have made connections in Dining Services over the past six years, most notably Rick Gant who has been very receptive to the needs of the law school.   With Rick's help and the support of Michael Scheffries, Carolina Dining General Manager, we were able to make Chic-fil-A a reality at the law school.  I have also worked with them to extend the hours of operation from what it was last year and correct the problem we had last year with the worker not being here when the stand was supposed to be open.

This year has seen better food options so that the students are happy, and Carolina Dining has tripled its sales volume so they are very happy.  Now is the time to make further improvements to our dining service. While Chic-fil-A's regulations make it impossible to add more of their items (such as fries and biscuits - they would have to throw them out basically by the time they got them here), I will use my long standing relationship with Carolina Dining to bring new items such as smoothies to the law school.