When the University approached us about ways to get more law student business at the Russell House Bookstore, Timothy and myself made our stance clear that the only acceptable way would be for them to come to us.  While I'm not happy about them marking up prices on supplements, I think the on-site bookstore is great service and convenience for our students.  As President I will make it my mission to see that supplements are not marked up at all and that a higher percentage of each book sold goes to the law school scholarship fund.

Remember the backlash from the article in the Gamecock last semester about our method of football ticket distribution.  The undergrads whined and our convenient blockseating program was limited to participation of only 500 students.  This resolution is unacceptable, we have over 740 students here and it is unreasonable to limit our number of tickets simply because we are law students.  The undergrads, themselves, who were so quick to complain could utilize a similar system if they were only motivated enough to learn how the system works.  See USC's policies and procedures ATHL 2.03(II)(D)(4). As President, I will work to ensure that this policy is enforced fairly with regard to the law school.

When I found out that no one was planning on organizing the Bowling League, Steven Johnson and I stepped up to take over this popular event.  As President, I plan on including the Bowling League under the "umbrella" of SBA events.  This will ensure that the league doesn't get overlooked again in future years.

While it would take quite literally an act of Congress to increase the amount of money students can receive in student loans, I can take steps to ensure that our students are knowledgeable of the best ways to pay them back.  Timothy and I set up a presentation several weeks ago to inform our students about the best ways to go about consolidating their loans.  The presentation was done by Graduate Leverage, a group of Harvard graduate business students, and was very well received by the 50+ students who attended. As President, I intend to make this presentation a recurring event and invite form a relationship with Graduate Leverage that would schedule them to come back to our school each Spring.